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Only what we love.

by Krystyna Castle February 08, 2016 1 min read

Only what we love.

Maison et Object Paris was incredible. Inspiring, fascinating and intriguing - not to mention exhausting. They certainly do things differently over there and it was a real delight to walk the halls finding new ideas every few metres or so.

It was nice to find that we still seem to like - and hate - the same things. All our new introductions are mutual loves. We didn't plan it that way but it turned out to be our maxim. If we don't love it, we don't buy it.

Exactly the same thing happened yesterday at Spring Fair in Birmingham. We were talking to a designer about her furniture and fabrics and she showed us her new range - very bright, pretty and cheerful - and we both thought... okay, lovely but not us. Then we saw something in the corner that took our joint breaths away. Fabrics that were rich, bold, slightly decadent and very beautiful. We asked the designer and she explained that these designs were her true love and do you know what? we just knew it was true. Are they as commercial, nope. Did we love them, very much. So it's a dilemma, what goes in the shop? Commercial or loved? Not really a dilemma at all, we may go broke but it will be such a beautiful way to go.

Sorry we don't have a photo of our Spring Fair find but we also love our new SS16 flower range to bits and the photo shows some of our favourites.

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