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I love it to bits when someone comes into the shop with a mysterious but clearly cherished parcel. Often inside the brown paper or bubble wrap there's a favourite vase inside that is just crying out for some beautiful fauxs.

After a chat with the customer about colours and the setting for the vase I get to work. Sometimes it all comes together immediately and other times it takes me a day or two of faffing to get it right. Always, the owner of the vase is delighted.

I know my limits and so I don't take on every commission. Sometimes it's clear that my wild and woolly style isn't going to make the customer happy, so I will gently turn that one away. 


The arrangement in the photo - shown in one of our vases, not the customer's - was a real labour of love because there are so many of my favourite fauxs and fauxliage in there. So much so that the customer is letting us add it to our online shop range. It'll be there in a day or two.

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