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Why we love Abigail Ahern: A Trailblazer in the UK Interior Design Scene

by Krystyna Castle June 04, 2023 2 min read

Why we love Abigail Ahern: A Trailblazer in the UK Interior Design Scene

For those deeply rooted in the interior design scene, the name Abigail Ahern is a familiar one. Over the years, Ahern has carved out an impressive reputation for herself in the UK and beyond, transforming spaces with her bold vision and fearless approach to design.

Abigail is a super-famous British designer, author, and retailer. She's also the owner of her namesake brand, which offers a unique blend of homeware products inspired by her unique design aesthetic. She hasredefined the rules of interior design and continues to inspire design enthusiasts worldwide.

A Style Rooted in Boldness and Unconventionality

Ahern’s interior design style is distinguishable by its layers of dark hues, rich textures, and an almost mystical, forest-like feel. She’s renowned for her bold use of color, which primarily leans towards deeper, moodier tones, contrary to the common tendency towards light and neutral shades in interior design.

Her design aesthetic challenges the status quo. Ahern is never shy about mixing various elements, often combining the old with the new, rough with the sleek, and ornate with the simple. Her design signature includes lots of faux plants and taxidermy, giving spaces a natural yet fantastical element that resonates deeply with her audience.

Pioneering Retailer

Apart from her career as an interior designer, Abraham Ahern has also made significant strides in retail. In 2003, she opened her first store in London, specializing in an eclectic mix of vintage and modern decorative items. This move was a precursor to what has now become a booming online retail business offering everything from furniture to lighting and home accessories.

Ahern's product range reflects her design ethos, boasting a medley of faux plants, dramatic light fixtures, and handpicked furniture pieces. Each product echoes Ahern's firm belief in creating homes that are personal, engaging, and ultimately a reflection of the owner's personality.

Author and Teacher

In addition to her impressive resume as a designer and retailer, Ahern has penned several design books. Her publications are rich in visuals, showcasing the stunning transformations she has curated. Her books, such as 'Colour' and 'Decorating with Style,' also offer practical advice to readers looking to incorporate her bold style into their homes.

Ahern's desire to share her knowledge and passion for design extends into her teaching career. She hosts masterclasses that provide attendees with insight into her creative process and hands-on experience in applying her design principles.

A True Trailblazer

Abigail Ahern continues to blaze a trail in the interior design scene with her distinctive style and boundary-pushing ideas. Her contribution to the field, from her pioneering retail efforts to her insightful publications and teachings, has significantly influenced how we perceive and interact with our living spaces today.

In a world where the trend leans towards the safe and conventional, Ahern’s bravery in challenging the norm is a breath of fresh air. She invites us all to embrace our individuality, reimagine the possible, and create spaces that not only look stunning but also tell our unique stories.

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