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We only ship stems and small items to mainland USA (excluding Alaska), no vases, planters or other big items.

Small orders (max box size 60cm x 12cm x 15cm) at £35 via UPS/Fedex/DPD.

Larger orders (max box size 80cm x 20cm x 20cm) at £50 via UPS/Fedex/DPD.

Please note that our couriers will not deliver to PO Boxes.

If your order costs less than we charge to deliver we will refund the balance. If it is only a bit over, we will absorb the extra but otherwise we will let you know the actual cost and you can decide whether to go ahead or not.

If in any doubt, please call us on 01743 588820 (office hours) or email us at help@wyldhome.com.

Please note, we may bend longer stems to fit into the delivery box; they can easily be bent back on arrival.