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Celebrating Time in Style with Kit-Cat Klocks: A Unique American Phenomenon

by Krystyna Castle June 07, 2023 2 min read

Celebrating Time in Style with Kit-Cat Klocks: A Unique American Phenomenon

For over nine decades, one American company has been spreading joy, creating nostalgia, and inspiring a sense of whimsy in households around the world: the California-based Kit-Cat Klocks. With their eye-catching designs and playful animation, the Kit-Cat Klocks have brought more than just the time of day to millions.

Kit-Cat Klocks was born out of the creativity and innovation of the California Clock Company, established in the mid-1930s during the heart of the Great Depression. The company's debut product was the "Kit-Cat Clock," which was an immediate sensation and quickly became a beloved icon of American pop culture.

At the heart of the company's success is the original Kit-Cat Klock – a novelty wall clock featuring a black cat with a wagging tail and roving eyes. This animated clock, designed by Earl Arnault, was both a helpful timekeeper and a source of cheer in challenging times. It symbolised hope and prosperity, epitomising the American spirit of resilience and optimism.

Kit-Cat Klocks is most renowned for its Original Kit-Cat Klock, a product that has seen little change since its inception. The classic model features a black, smiling cat, complete with a white bow tie and white paws. As time ticks by, the cat's tail wags back and forth, and its eyes roll side to side, imbuing the timepiece with a unique sense of charm and character.

Over the years, the company has introduced a variety of models to cater to a diverse audience. The Lady Kit-Cat Klock, for example, came adorned with pearl necklaces and eyelashes, capturing the hearts of many. In 1996, the company released the limited-edition "Felix Clock" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Felix the Cat, the famous animated cartoon character.

In the 21st century, Kit-Cat Klocks further broadened its range, introducing a delightful selection of vibrant coloured clocks. These models preserved the iconic cat design but added a splash of colour – like red, blue, or green – to the mix.

However, it's not just the variety of designs that make Kit-Cat Klocks special. The company is committed to ensuring that its products are 100% American-made. Even today, each Kit-Cat Klock is hand-assembled in California, testament to the company's dedication to domestic craftsmanship.

Kit-Cat Klocks have not only charmed homeowners but have also made their mark in popular culture. They've been featured in various films, TV shows, and even music videos, serving as iconic symbols of Americana.

The clocks also hold cultural significance, symbolising American resilience during the Great Depression. The playful, animated clock was a bright spot in tough times and continues to serve as a reminder of the strength of the human spirit.

In the modern era, Kit-Cat Klocks continue to be collectors' items and are cherished for their nostalgic value. They've successfully bridged the gap between functionality and aesthetic appeal, capturing the hearts of millions in the process. The company’s dedication to quality, American craftsmanship, and playful design ensures that Kit-Cat Klocks will continue to bring joy for generations to come.

I've got to say, Kit-Cat Klocks is a shining example of American innovation, creativity, and perseverance. More than just clocks, these charming timepieces serve as timeless artefacts of American history and pop culture, continuing to spread joy with their whimsical design and perpetual smile.

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