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To keep your flowers fresh looking for as long as possible keep out of strong sunlight. The natural dies used in many of our artificial flowers will be fade quite quickly by strong UV. For this reason, you need to be careful choosing faux's for your conservatory. South facing windowsill are best avoided.

To remove any dust from artificial blooms. gently blow with your hairdryer on a slow cold setting. This is particularly important for white and lighter colured flowers -  especially "real-touch flowers" - as the dust can cause marks if it settles too long.
You can dust lightly with a lint free cloth but please be gentle and very careful.

Our artificial flowers are strong and well-made but occasionally a leaf or petal can come away. When this happens, simply pop it back on. If continues to happen a dot of glue - hot glue works best - will fix it permanently.

There is usually a wire running through the stem so please use wire cutters or edge cutters to cut the stem. It's best not to use scissors or secateurs as they may be damaged by the wire. Please consider bending the stem rather than cutting it because you may want to use the same stem in different arrangement at a different length and a bent stem can easily be adjusted.

Since Brexit, exporting has become costly and fraught with problems so, for the time being, we are not delivering outside the UK and mainland USA (excluding Alaska).

We may be able to help in some cases so please email us with details at help@wyldhome.com.

We ship some items to mainland USA (excluding Alaska). See here for details: USA SHIPPING

Love to. We can talk you though what would make sense if you want to do it yourself or make a custom arrangement for you. We can do that over email and phone calls or, If you are nearish to Shrewsbury, please bring the vase in and we can work out what's best with Krystyna.

Yes, no problem. We will put them on the outside of the box but cannot promise that the courier will follow them. We do not accept responsibility for parcels that are not signed for.

My Dad was a Polish fighter pilot and he came over to the UK during WWII and flew Spitfires for the RAF. I'm so proud of my Dad! He married an English girl and lived the rest o his life in the UK. This means that I'm half Polish but, to my huge regret, I never learnt to speak Polish.

Yes, we have a tiny but beautiful shop in Shrewsbury, one of the best shopping towns in the UK. Please come and see us, we are open 10am to 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday.