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Faking It the Autumn Way: How to Keep Those Cosy Fall Vibes All Year Round

by Krystyna Castle October 10, 2023 2 min read


Hey there, Autumn lovers! 🍂 So, we all know how fab real autumn feels and looks, right? But let’s be real, those leaves only look Insta-worthy for so long before they shrivel up. Enter: faux stems. The unsung heroes for keeping that autumnal charm going 24/7, 365 days a year. Here's the low-down:

1. Go for the Good Stuff

Okay, first things first. Some fake stems can look, well... super fake. We've all seen them. But trust me, there are some out there that’ll have you doing a double-take. If you’re gonna do this, do it right and pick the lifelike ones. Check out what we’ve got in our shop; I swear some of them could've fooled Mother Nature herself.


2. It’s All About the Feels

Autumn isn't just a visual treat; it’s a tactile one. Mix and match those stems! Grab some that feel bark-ish, some that are soft and fluffy, and everything in between. Then, chuck them next to your comfiest blanket or that old wooden crate you turned into a coffee table, and voila – instant Autumn vibes.


3. Mix It Up

Making a faux bouquet isn’t like following a cake recipe. There’s no "you must add this" or "don't mix that." Go wild! Mix tall ones, short ones, round ones, skinny ones. And hey, if you want to toss in something that’s so not "Autumn", go for it!

4. Think 3D

Imagine you’re in a forest. There’s stuff at your feet, stuff poking your midriff, and things brushing past your face. That’s how your arrangement should feel. Deep. So, get some tall stems, mid ones, and little shorties for the front. It’ll make your faux creation pop!


5. Where’s the Spotlight?

Alright, once you've got that masterpiece, flaunt it! Make it the star of your dining table, let it jazz up that boring fireplace, or even give your entrance a bit of pizzazz.

6. Pile on the Autumn-ness

If you’re going all out, why stop at stems? Grab some Autumn-coloured cushions or maybe a few rustic vases. Heck, even some spiced candles. Anything that screams "pumpkin spice latte season" is a go.


Wrap Up

So there you have it! Who says Autumn only has to be a once-a-year treat? With some choice faux stems and a bit of creativity, you can have that fall fabulousness anytime you fancy. Pop by Wyld Home, and let’s make every day feel like a walk in the park during October! 🍁🎃🧡

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