Customers often ask how to keep their artificial flowers looking their best so I've put together the following hints...

To keep your flowers fresh looking for as long as possible keep out of strong sunlight. The natural dies used in many of our artificial flowers will be fade quite quickly by strong UV. For this reason, you need to be careful choosing faux's for your conservatory and south facing windowsill are best avoided.

To remove any dust from artificial blooms. gently blow with your hairdryer on a slow cold setting. This is particularly important for white and lighter colured flowers -  especially "real-touch flowers" - as the dust can cause marks if it settles too long.

You can dust lightly with a lint free cloth but please be gentle and very careful.

Our artificial flowers are strong and well-made but occasionally a leaf or petal can come away. When this happens, simply pop it back on. If continues to happen a dot of glue - hot glue works best - will fix it permanently.

On of the biggies for me is to change round and change up. The same flowers in the same vase in the same way will start to look stale in time. What I do is swap things around every month or so. Rearrange the vase, swap a bloom or two from another arrangement. Pop in a real stem. Add a flower or stem of foliage. Any change, and it doesn't have to be a big one, will freshen up your arrangement and your room.

By the way, I'm often asked about placing our stems in water. Real and faux flowers look great together and in a clear glass vase, water completes the illusion. The answer is that most of our flowers are fine stood in water but do look out for stems wrapped in paper - please keep those stems dry.

What's your experience? I'd love to read how you care for your artificial flowers so please drop me an email with your favourite tips.


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